A boutique law firm serving religious institutions and nonprofits


At Nussbaum | Speir, we advise and advocate for religious organizations and nonprofits across the United States. From local churches to dioceses, denominations, and multinational charities, we help our clients navigate the complex cross-currents of legal and cultural change.




Thoughtful counsel, top-notch advocacy, and four decades of combined experience serving mission-driven clients.

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Internal investigations. Religious identity audits. Constitutional litigation. We represent clients across the religious and political spectrums.

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Serving people of faith.

With a presence in diverse faith communities, we counsel religious organizations on a variety of legal issues. And when high-stakes civil, commercial, and constitutional disputes arise, clients turn to us for strategic advocacy.


Devoted to clients.

The organizations we represent aren’t just “corporate clients” to us. Most are devoted to worthy religious, charitable, and social causes. We take time to understand what our clients value and tailor our counsel accordingly. At Nussbaum | Speir, we don’t shy away from our clients’ missions. We embrace them.